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Version Number Detailed Description of the Program Changes
Version 5.02.01
  • Please got to TigerSpeech Main Page to Download the Latest Free Version of Angel's Sound Training Program.
Version 5.01.01
  • 07/08/2011 Test edition
Version 4.08.01
  • 10/20/2010 Allow to present stereo signals to two speakers for spatial training.
Version 4.07.09
  • 8/24/2009 Allow to overwrite the preset setting with new setup configurations (research only).
Version 4.07.08
  • 8/05/2009 Modify the visual related protocol to enhance the visualization
Version 4.07.07
  • 7/18/2009 Added rule to determine how the token is selected during the random generation
Version 4.07.06
  • 7/17/2009 Modified the visual cues for token approach, also modified the token generation to make sure that no same token is selected sequentially
Version 4.07.05
  • 7/16/2009 Modified the feedback for token synthesis and token SRT
Version 4.07.04
  • 7/15/2009 Added the backward digit span method
Version 4.07.03
  • 7/14/2009 Modified the sythesis method to incorporate multiple talkers
Version 4.07.02
  • 4/7/2009 Modified the Keyword in Sentences Training Protocols
Version 4.07.01
  • Add duo-version (internet and local version) login in the startup page for easy access.
  • Update the ranking procedure in the testing only protocols and fix some minor bugs in the user management program.
  • Provide helps for both internet edition (with internet connection) and local edition (on internet connection).
Version 4.06.02
  • Show total training time after each testing or training run.
  • Data synchronization between local and remote server. Note that this function will be available only when the local version is activated. This function will not be available if only the internet version is activated.
Version 4.06.01
  • Add the Search Function in Session View and User Management.
  • Fix the Sorting problem in the Data View in the User Management.
  • Synchronized Mandarin Sound Express Version is available.
Version 4.05.03
  • Add Speech Test Only Module (No training function here). No Minutes is required for this module. The performance ranking across all users will be provided after each test.
Version 4.05.02
  • Add Concatenated Sentence Recognition Protocols
  • Fix a bug in Session Creation when the number of session is large.
  • Limit the number of session to 6 in the current version.
Version 4.05.01
  • Add "Minute Request Function" in the main program.
Version 4.04.01
  • Fix a bug in result view due to compilation error in MFC with different versions.
  • Modify the printing function.
Version 4.03.06
  • Remove Alway-on-Top due to the problem in update downloading and other issuse.
  • A refreshing button is added to solve the occasional image distortion.
Version 4.03.05
  • Modify the update access page within the program instead of using Internet Explorer.
  • Add notifier when new version is available.
Version 4.03.04
  • Fix some bugs in USER Management Program (Session/Details) option due to the Alway-on-Top mode.
Version 4.03.03
  • Change to Always-on-Top mode to avoid the interface distortion in some cases.
Version 4.03.02
  • Fix some minor bugs in the program with debug mode and screen refreshing issues.

Version 4.03.01
  • Add Account Registration and Add Minutes Function in the Program.
Version 4.02.02
  • Add "Minimize" Button
  • Add "Volume Control" Button and "Talk Speed Button" During the Test/Training Page
Version 4.02.01
  • New Background Image
  • Add Login Button and Logout Button
Version 4.01.03
  • Allow to change the tempo of audio sounds. Please click the right button of the Mouse to activate the tempo change module.
  • Change several layout in the session/details window and add menu to the session window.
  • Add authorization function so the program allows the user to do the trainig of some modules without time restriction.
Version 4.01.02
  • Allow to switch between Internet-based and Local PC-based mode for maximal flexibility. Note that user account and internet connection is needed for Internet-based version while serial number and product key is needed for Local PC-based mode.
Version 4.01.01
  • Initial release version of "Sound Express" Training Software from TigerSpeech Technology.
Version 3.02.11
  • Add multiple choice protocols for testing and/or training the recognition of concurrent speech sounds. Current modules are not affected. Some modules that utilize this protocols will be provided in near future.
Version 3.02.10
  • Redesign the response window for Concatenation/Openset Protocol. The new design allows better visualziation and better functionality. The following modules will be affected and have to be reinstalled: Openset Recognition Training Module.
Version 3.02.09
  • Hide the top menu during testing/training. Also hide the tutorial button in the top menu since the help/tutorial can be combined into one. The tutorial and all other related instruction will be shown in linked web site through "Help" button. Also the embedded HTML page is used for the "Help" button instead of invoking IE.
Version 3.02.08
  • Update the module selection procedure. In the "Available Module window", only the module that is not downloaded will be shown so the user will know which module is not downloaded.
Version 3.02.07
  • Add additional training parameters in the synthesized open-set training protocols. The modification allows to control the degree of difficulty in this task. One module that uses this feature is Open-set Recognition Training module. See Melody Training Group in that module.
  • Modify the web pages for downloading, help, and updates that links to this program through "HELP" and "Update" button.
Version 3.02.06
  • Fix a bug with flashing window.
Version 3.02.05
  • Readjust the menu button in the initial window
  • View used and remaining minutes and web sites for minute purchase.
Version 3.02.04
  • Show available modules.
Version 3.02.03
  • Improve the image-based bitmap layout
  • implement recognition threshold features for randomly generated sequences.
Version 3.02.02
  • Improve the Sentence Level Open-Set Training Protocols
Version 3.02.01
  • Implement the Open Set Speech Understanding. Such feature is ideal for moderate to good users to further improve their speech understanding with cochlear implants.
  • Implement the Synthesized Speech with Speech Cancatenation. This function will allow the unlimited (randomly generated) training materials for speech training.
Version 3.01.04
  • Hide the "auditory assessment" button for any modules without such assessment function.
Version 3.01.03
  • Implement Advanced Key-word based Word in Sentence Training Protocol.
Version 3.01.02
  • Implement Word in Sentence Training Protocol.
Version 3.01.01
  • Initial release version of Computer-Assisted Speech Training Software.