Welcome to Sound Express™, an interactive program that lets you take control of your listening rehabilitation independently at home. You gain practice in discriminating and identifying sounds and speech components through a series of self-paced modules that cover different aspects of the listening process. Each training group presents a range of trials in which you need to match a given sound to one of several images, words or sentences. The level of difficulty is adjusted to match your developing listening skills. The program provides feedback, highlighting areas you can continue to practice. This feedback can be shared with your clinician or therapist, who can provide further advice on your rehabilitation. Focused on practice and improvement of your listening skills, Sound Express™ compliments your clinic rehabilitation program.


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Sound Express™: User Guide


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Step1: Lauch "Sound Express" Program.

Lauch "Sound Express" Program by Clicking Shortcuts in the Desktop or Start > All Programs > TigerSpeech Technology > Sound Express.


Step2: Log into "Sound Express" Program

In the login page, there is a button login located in the center of the program, click that button will pop out login window.


Step3: Login Window

After clicking "Click Here to Log In" window, a login window will pop out. Type in User Account and Password to login. Note that Internet Connection is Required for using "Sound Express". If you don't have an account for "Sound Express", please click "Register" in the login window and following the instruction to create a new account.


Step4: Session Selection or Create New Session

After login with accout name and password, a session window will pop out. Session can be created for different user or same user. All existing sessions in this account will show in the table. If no session in this account, the table will be empty. In this case, a new session has to be created to continue. Otherwise, double clicking the highlighted session name or clicking "select session" button to continue.


Step5: Module Selection

If you have used this program before, the program will automatically reload the last module you have been visiting. If you are new to this program, the program will load the basic module. If you want to switch to different training module, which targeted at different training, such as bottom-up training, top-down training, listening strategy etc, please click "Module" button in the top of the program to select the desired module. Currently, there are five modules available, including basic module, openset module, telephone module, srt module, and mci module.


Step6: Training Group Selection

After the module selection is done, the next step is to determine the training group. In each module, there are several training groups available. For example, for the basic module, there are 8 different training groups, including pure tone, environmental sounds, male/female, vowel, consonant, words, sentences, and music. These groups cover a wide range of training materials. please select either one of the training group to continue your preferred training.


Step7: Preview, Training, or Testing Selection

After selecting the training group, there are three types of practice for each training group, including preview, training and testing. Preview allow you to listen to the sounds you will hear in the training or testing. Testing will assess how well you will do in the test and training will help you improve the ability to discriminate different sounds.


Step8: Training Level Selection or Testing Category Selection

If the training button is selected, there is usually a few training levels in each training group. Select either training level to continue.


How to Add Minutes:

1. Following the instruction from Step 1 to Step 4 to login the program;

2. Click the "Add Minutes" button in the right bottom of the Window.


3. After clicking the button, a window will be pop out. Please select the desired minutes and type in any comments about the request.

4. The request will be sent to the administrator for the consideration. After the administrator approves the request, the requested minutes will be automatically added to your account.