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Internet-based Computer-Assisted Speech Testing (i-CAST)

Version 5.04.02 (46 Mb)


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The Internet-based Computer-Assisted Speech Testing (i-CAST) software system was developed to serve as a standardized speech assessment tool for research and clinic environment. Also the program can be used to help accelerate hearing impaired patients' auditory rehabilitation process. The program provides two database mode: central server and local server. For the central server, all the data will be saved in a centralized database. Internet connetion is required for this version. For the local server, all the data will be saved in a local database. No internet connection is required for this version. Here are the main features for the i-CAST program:


  • i-CAST program provides a wide range of closed-set discrimination, identification tasks with any audio/visual materials. Currently, there are five distinct speech tests in the initial setting, including vowel recognition test, consonant recognition test, geneder recognition test, melodic sequence identificatin test, and emotion recognition test. The program also provides real-time filtering and noise mixer allows the program to mimic the realistic listening situations.


  • i-CAST program provides user-friendly interface and is easy to use. More importantly, i-CAST has a central database to record all testing data, including testing and training performance; testing and training date; as well as the amount of training time records. The program also provides detailed information about performance change over time and its relationship with different processing strategy and MAPs. Moreover, the program provides self-adjustable summary report for the testing and training data as well as multiple views of data with either table or graphic format. The data can be shared among the users, researchers and clinicions.


Full Version Installation:

Version #
Brief Description of the Programs

Full Version


  • Module Function: Full version of Internet-based Computer-Assisted Speech Training Platform
  • Latest Version: 5.04.02
  • Required Space: 46.0M
  • Latest Update: May 8, 2008

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Update Version


  • Latest Update: May 8, 2008

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Currently available testings for the Full Version:

  • Multi-talker Vowel Recognition Test (10-talker set or 4-talker set).
  • Multi-talker Consonant Recognition Test (10-talker set or 4-talker set).
  • Voice Gender Discrimination Test.
  • Melodic Contour Identification Test
  • Vocal Emotion Recognition Test

Here show some screenshot for the Full Version: