Internet-based Speech Testing, Assessment, and Rehabilitation (i-STAR)

Additional Modules



The Internet-based Speech Testing, Assessment, and Rehabilitation (i-STAR) system was developed to serve as a standardized speech assessment tool for research and clinic environment. While i-CAST is designed for closed-set speech recognition test, i-STAR is designed for open-set speech recognition test. Also the program can be used to help accelerate hearing impaired patients' auditory rehabilitation process. Each task has to be authorized for the use. The program also supports various modules. Here are the additional modules that can be downloaded for the research use.


1. Additional Modules


Mod # Version # Brief Description of the Programs
#1 IEEE Sentence Recognition in Quiet and in Noise
  • Functions: Provide IEEE sentence recognition in quiet and in noise. Two background noises are used, including six-talker speech babble and spectrally shaped steady noise. SNR levels include 15 dB, 10 dB, 5 dB, and 0 dB.
  • Version: 1.01.01
  • Size: 1.6m
  • Update: 08/26/2007
#2 Speech Test Studio for House Ear Clinic
  • Functions: Provide comprehensive speech tests for House Ear Clinic (Internal use only).
  • Version: 1.01.01
  • Size:396.5 m
  • Update: 11/21/2007

Please click here to download (Note: only HEI/HEC User can download this module)