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Angel SoundTM
Download from Emily Fu Foundation Official Site Download from Emily Fu Foundation Official Site
Key Metrics of the Latest Installation program Installation Update: December 5, 2014 Installation Version: 5.08.03 Installation File Size: 476 M Modules Included: Basic, Melodic Contour Identification, Openset Recognition, Adaptive Speech in Noise, Telephone Speech, Advanced Music, Auditory Resolution, and Functional Hearing Test.
Option 1: Online Downloading (for PC only) Online downloading is the quickest way to access the program. Please click either button below and download the whole package (with basic module and seven advanced modules).
Option 2: Email Request of Installation CD (for PC only) For users who can not download the installation file due to slow internet connection or other reasons, the installation CD of Angel Sound TM will be available free of charge upon request via Email (angelvoice@emilyfufoundation.org)
Computer Requirements: PC with Microsoft® Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, 7 & 8. Macintosh using Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp with Window OS installed. Pentium® III or higher (recommended) 500MB free hard disk space and 256MB RAM 16-bit sound card Display/screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher .
Angel SoundTM: Online Downloading Better Hearing Start Here, Download Angel SoundTM Now!
Auditory training is critical for hearing impaired users to achieve the maximum benefit from a cochlear implant and/or hearing aid. After 20 years’ of extensive research at House Research Institute, Emily Fu Foundation proudly bring you Angel Sound, a self-paced, interactive rehabilitation program that allows you to practice and perfect your listening skills at home. Your results can be summarized, facilitating meaningful discussions with your audiologist and therapist.
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Mobile Edition
Mobile Edition of Angel Sound Program is kindly provided by Inconvenient Solutions
After clicking the above button, PC will download an executable (“AngelSoundSetup.exe”) file into your PC (generally in My Documents\Downloads folder if Google Chrome is used) and the file is located in the left bottom corner. For Window IE users, a window will pop out. Click “Run” in the first popout window. The downloading will start (See second window). The downloading may take 30 minutes or longer since the file is pretty large (~476M). After downloading, some PC computers may give a warning message if the computer has virus or other security protection software. Please ignore the warning and continue the installation process. Click the “Run” button in the third window. The program installation will start.
Both downloading and CD version of Angel Sound is NOT compatible with Mac computers or iPAD. To use Angel Sound TM , Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp (with Window OS installed) is required for Mac computers. For iPad/iPhone users, please download i-Angel Sound from Apple Store.
Friendly Note: The security software in your computer MAY block the downloading process stating the site (or file) was infected with Walware (since the downloading file is executable file). If the downloading does not proceed, please try the following approaches if you feel comfortable: #1: Change security and privacy settings in web browser. or #2: Disable security software and firewall temporarily.