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1. What is "Angel Sound Training"?

Welcome to Angel Sound Training, an interactive program that lets you take control of your listening rehabilitation independently at home. You gain practice in discriminating and identifying sounds and speech components through a series of self-paced modules that cover different aspects of the listening process. Each module presents a range of trials in which you need to match a given sound to one of several images, words or sentences. The level of difficulty is adjusted to match your developing listening skills. The program provides feedback, highlighting areas you can continue to practice. This feedback can be shared with your clinician or therapist, who can provide further advice on your rehabilitation. Focused on practice and improvement of your listening skills, Angel Sound Training Program compliments your clinic rehabilitation program. Goodluck with your listening practice!


Angel Sound Training is based on the Computer-Assisted Speech Training (CAST) technology developed by TigerSpeech Technology and House Research Institute. Angel Sound Training Program will be freely distributed by Emily Shannon Fu Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring Emily Shannon Fu, An Angel and Beloved Daughter.



2. How to Get "Angel Sound Training"?


How to Obtain?
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Option 1:

Online Downloading

  • Latest Update: July 6, 2012
  • Latest Version: v5.01.01
  • File Size: 477.5 M
  • Module included:
    1. Basic module
    2. Melodic Contour Identification module
    3. Openset Word Recognition module,
    4. Adaptive Speech in Noise module,
    5. Telephone Speech Recognition module
    6. Advanced music training module

Option 2:

CD Requesting

CD version of Angel Sound Training Program will be available upon Request via Email or Regular Mail.





Qian-Jie Fu, Ph.D.

2100 West Third Street

Los Angeles, CA 90057





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