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Angel Hear is a computer-based  automated Hearing Assessment System. The program uses advanced psychophisycal procedure to allow the user to self-assess their hearing status at home using their personal computer. Also, their hearing status can be tracked over time to see the change of hearing status.
Emily Shannon Fu Foundation (Formerly TigerSpeech Technology)

An Automated Hearing Assessment System

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Advanced procedure has been implemented to allow quicker and more accurate assessment.
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The user can use different reference for speaker or earphone.
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Angel Hear: Welcome page

Here is the welcome page of Angel Hear program. The main information is the version number. Also, if there is any new version available, one text message will be shown in the middle of the screen.
Please click here to download AngelHearTM, Version 1.04.02 About Angel Hear About Angel Hear 1.04.02 1.04.02 Take Care of Your Hearing, Start Here